Live Bee Packages

Our Package Bees

Our family business has been sending Package Bees overseas by air, for 32 years and has gained a great deal of knowledge in the art of packaging and flying bees around the world. We sell up to 20 000 packages a year, these packages with Carniolan Queens raised by ourselves, will make 20 000 Beehives.

Bees are vital to our world food supplies and are used all over the globe to pollinate valuable food crops. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality, high performing honeybees (Package Bees & Queen Bees) to international markets where they are needed; to pollinate crops and to produce honey. The most popular destination is Canada, although Bees have also been sent to Scotland, Korea and the USA.

The bees travel using innovative tube packaging to ensure their best possible care whilst in transit. Good quality queen bees are also available for purchase. One huge advantage we have in New Zealand is that we produce our Queens away from Small Hive Beetles and European Foulbrood (EFB).